Vadiv Krasnoselsky attended the opening ceremony of new admission department

The Republican Clinical Hospital is the largest regarding patients and employees medical institution in the republic both. RCB is preparing to celebrate its 85th anniversary. A gift on the eve of the anniversary is an updated admission department. The functioning building was built in 1957. It allowed only two viewing rooms to be accommodated, did not meet the requirements for rooms intended for admission, hospitalization, and medical care for patients, it was the object of discontent and complaints from hospital visitors, it received approximately 25 thousands of people per year. With the launch of the state capital investment program and the definition of the healthcare sector as a priority, a decision was made to reconstruct and expand the reception department building. More than 3.5 million rubles have been allocated from the fund. Two years were allotted for the implementation of the project - 2018, 2019. The construction work begun last year and was completed on time. The now spacious room is equipped with a hall and three reception rooms, several entrances and a separate check-in for ambulances are thought out. A round-the-clock laboratory is equipped, the modern equipment of which allows you to get the results of the necessary analyzes within minutes. Totally 730 thousand rubles were spent on medical equipment for the admission department. Furniture was purchased in the required volume, inventory was updated. All this was told and shown to the President and other guests of the opening ceremony of the updated reception department of the Republican Hospital.

The President, addressing the participants in the ceremony, noted that the republic celebrates the 29th year of its independence with the opening of several socially significant objects. Each of them has a direct or indirect relation to health care. Vadim Krasnoselsky noted that the state pays special attention to this. 2020 was declared the Year of Health in Pridnestrovie, which implies the implementation of a significant number of projects related not only to the treatment of citizens, but also to a large extent on creating conditions for the prevention of ailments, introducing a healthy lifestyle, creating a healthy environment. Speaking about the upcoming and already implemented changes in the medical sector, Vadim Krasnoselsky identified four main closely interrelated areas, the reform of which is designed to radically change the situation in healthcare. We are talking about capital investments in the development of medical infrastructure, the material and technical equipment of medical institutions, the training of highly professional personnel and providing them with decent wages.

The President recalled that today about fifty medical facilities are being built, repaired and reconstructed. The plans of the state include a complete renewal of the healthcare infrastructure within two years. The main source of financing is the Capital Investment Fund. The implementation of this republic-wide program is an example of social responsibility of the state, said Vadim Krasnoselsky.

The President addressed representatives of the republic’s construction industry, whose responsibility and professionalism make it possible to implement important projects for each Pridnestrovian with words of gratitude. The management and ordinary employees of construction organizations received medals and certificates from the hands of the PMR President.

The Head of the Clinical Hospital Vladimir Pelin, in turn, expressed gratitude to the country's leadership for their increased attention to the healthcare sector and understanding of the importance of creating conditions for the provision of high-quality medical care to the population.