The President visited the traditional May dugout

The dugout on the eve of Victory Day has become a tradition. Veterans and members of public organizations gather at the holiday table to share memories, to congratulate each other on the upcoming holiday, to discuss pressing issues. The Heads of public authorities attend this event. The President welcomed the veterans. Vadim Krasnoselsky spoke about how essential the Great Victory of 1945 is for the Soviet people, as well as about the inadmissibility of attempts to rewrite history.

“It is very painful to see how people try to erase the feat of the Soviet people, the Soviet soldier, how in some states monuments are being demolished, Nazi criminals are rehabilitated and fascism is popularized in the modern world. This is scary. It is terrible to understand that unfortunately on May 9, 1945, it was not possible to uproot the fascist hydra, and today this evil is growing again. But we can resist to this, we are obliged to resist - with our memory, our attitude towards the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, the holidays that are celebrated in Pridnestrovie and not only. I would like to ask a question to those who demolish Soviet monuments, who scoff at the remains of dead Soviet soldiers, who question the feat of the Soviet people. If you do not accept the feat of the Soviet soldier and do not want to see it, maybe you wanted another feat of German soldiers? If not May 1945, then it was November 1941 - a parade of fascists in Moscow? This is what modern politicians and modern states, who question the feat of the Soviet soldier, desire? You cannot change the story, these attempts are very dangerous. We must clearly understand that it was the Soviet soldier who saved the world, saved from fascism and Nazism. The winner of this war is the Soviet Union, but not Germany, not Romania, not Italy, not Finland lost it. Lost ideology. Lost fascism and Nazism. Those who question the feat of the Soviet soldier actually rehabilitate fascism and Nazism. It is said that the aggressors repented, but this was a later repentance that came after May 9, 1945. Not in 1943, not in 1944, and not even in the beginning of 1945. Repentance occurred as an act of necessity. There could be no other. It was the repentance of the vanquished. The Soviet people achieved this repentance,” noted the PMR President, communicating with the participants of the dugout. Vadim Krasnoselsky spoke with deep gratitude and respect for those who did not return from the front, having paid the peace at the cost of their own lives. Today, the President wished veterans living health, courage, and well-being, noting with regret that the number of witnesses and participants in the tragic events of the middle of the last century is decreasing every year.

Schoolchildren and actors of creative teams of the capital came to congratulate the veterans.