The President visited Grigoriopol district

The President visited a medical and obstetrical station in the village of Gyrtop during working visit to the Grigoriopol district. The medical and obstetrical station serves more than 500 villagers, up to 10 people daily. Every Wednesday, chief physician from the village of Mayak comes to the outpatient clinic. Vadim Krasnoselsky was interested in the work of the outpatient clinic under quarantine. The Head of the medical and obstetrical station Vera Krivoshey said that the outpatient clinic did not stop accepting patients during the pandemic, while all the necessary sanitary conditions were strictly observed. The President paid attention to the general condition of the building in which the medical and obstetrical station is located. It was overhauled in 2019 and new furniture was purchased. Due to investments of land users and sponsorship, the facade of the building was repaired, communications were carried out.

Vadim Krasnoselsky with the Head of the local state administration Oleg Gabuzha inspected long-term construction in Grigoriopol as part of the affordable housing program. A three-story house with 18 apartments is planned to be commissioned by November 10. Future residents - employees of the public sector of the republic, mainly militia officers - the house is on the balance of the PMR Ministry of Internal Affairs. One-room apartment in the "gray" version costs 2000 dollar equivalents, two-room apartment - 3000 dollar equivalents. The house has almost completed the construction of the roof, gas has been supplied, and the remaining communications will be carried out in the near future. The adjacent territory will not be left without attention - parking will be equipped here and a children's playground.

Another object of socio-cultural purpose - "The Vostok" cinema in Grigoriopol. Inspecting the progress of construction work, Vadim Krasnoselsky recalled that the facility should be put into operation in a couple of months - to the 30th anniversary of the republic. The cinema has not been working for about 20 years. Now the reconstruction and overhaul of the building is being completed. It is planned that the cinema will become a cultural and entertainment center. A cinema, playground, cafe will be located on its territory.

Construction work should also be completed at the Malaeshti House of Culture in autumn. Vadim Krasnoselsky inspected the progress of repair work in the recreation center, inspected the new boiler room. All the door and window blocks will be replaced in the building in the near future. The President drew attention to the need to put in order the territory adjacent to the House of Culture.