The President thanked the retired chairman and addressed the new chairman of the PMR Supreme Court with words of encouragement

Vadim Krasnoselsky met today with the staff of the PMR Supreme Court. The reason for making a visit is the change of chairman. Officially since yesterday, the Supreme Court of the Republic is headed by Adrian Penkovsky. He replaced Vladimir Rymar, who was in charge of the judiciary for 12 years, in a responsible post. On November 28 of this year, his term of office expired. The President expressed his gratitude to Vladimir Rymar for his work, responsible approach to the case and professionalism and handed over a document on awarding the title of “Honored Lawyer of Pridnestrovie”.

Congratulating and addressing Adrian Penkovsky with words of encouragement, who was appointed to the position, Vadim Krasnoselsky noted that his predecessor had assembled a highly professional team and established high-quality court operations. The President called for continuity, preservation and continuation of the traditions laid down by Vladimir Rymar, based on following the letter of the law, literacy and responsibility.

The President noted the fact that Adrian Penkovsky is a native of law enforcement agencies, has experience in advocacy and work in prosecutors. In the judicial sphere, the appointed head has been working since 2017. In a conversation with the appointed Chairman, the President emphasized that he now has to prove himself in two ways - a representative of the judicial community and the chairman.