The President inspected Grigoriopol district

After hearing and discussing the report on the results of activities in 2020, Vadim Krasnoselsky, accompanied by the Head of Grigoriopol administration Oleg Gabuzha, visited a number of socially significant objects of the district. The inspection started from the central part of the town. The continuation of its improvement is one of the tasks set by the President for the local administration. An important direction of the infrastructural transformation of the city square is the creation of an accessible sports environment. Rollerdrom has already been built. Its area is 450 square meters. Taking into account modern youth trends, elements for skateboarding are thought out. This year, the territory around the site will be covered with paving slabs, landscaping, asphalting the entrance to the sports and entertainment facility. Another playground for physical education and sports will be built in the neighborhood. The project presented to the President includes a football field. A million rubles have been allocated from the Capital Investment Fund for the current year. Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that the money should be spent wisely and called on the heads of state administrations of cities and regions of the republic to exchange experience during the implementation of projects that are identical in direction. The sports and leisure complex will expand based on the needs of local residents.

Another important direction for the district’s residents is the development of library industry. Oleg Gabuzha noted during the working discussion that the local leadership, based on the opinion of the population, strives to preserve the status of libraries not only as educational, but also leisure, social and cultural, information centers. The library system includes dozens of urban, rural, adult and children's libraries. The total book fund exceeds 273 thousand copies of books and documents. 52778 printed editions are kept in the central library. Dozens of residents of Grigoriopol and residents of neighboring villages visit it every day. Municipal institution Grigoriopol Central Library System is located in a building built in 1953. It requires a major overhaul. The President was personally convinced of this today. There is an urgent need to replace windows and doors, to repair the roof and facade. 800 thousand rubles have been allocated from the local budget this year for these purposes. Vadim Krasnoselsky was interested in what is required, in addition to infrastructure improvement. The head of the library said that updating the book fund is a constant concern. Now it is carried out through the provision of paid services. Last year, they managed to acquire 1882 new publications, moreover, in the three official languages ​​of Pridnestrovie - Russian, Moldavian and Ukrainian, as well as works by foreign authors - mainly in French and English. Vadim Krasnoselsky noted that it is necessary to analyze the situation with the renewal of the book fund of the library network institutions in all settlements of the republic, stressing that this work should be systematic and funded within the framework of the target program. This issue will be included in the agenda of one of the working meetings of the President.

As part of the on-site inspection, Vadim Krasnoselsky visited the Grigoriopol enterprise that began the production of paving slabs. At one time - with the beginning of the implementation of the Capital Investment Fund program - the President set the task for the heads of city and district administrations to think over the options for making tiles on the spot. The residents of Grigoriopol carried out the order. The production line has been launched. It was purchased and installed with funds allocated last year under the program for the purchase and modernization of road machinery and equipment (the cost is over half a million rubles). Production started. The declared capacity of the equipment is 15000 square meters of tiles per year. Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that local producers must participate in tenders without fail.