The epidemiological situation under control of the President

Members of the Operational Headquarters in the course of the meeting summed up the results of the last few days and discussed necessary measures to improve the epidemiological situation in the republic.

To date, 1226 infections have been confirmed in Pridnestrovie. The number of deaths has not changed - 46. The number of people who have recovered is growing - over the past three days, 29 patients have been discharged from quarantine hospitals of the republic. 995 people have recovered since the introduction of quarantine measures - this is more than 81% of the total number of cases.

The work is continuing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in towns and districts of the republic. Militia officers daily check compliance with quarantine measures at points of sale - more than 4 thousand such checks have been carried out over the last three days, 6 violations have been identified. Observance of the rules of self-isolation by citizens is under control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Today, 1626 people are in the conditions of mandatory self-isolation.

New facts of diseases (two cases) were revealed in the Kitskany monastery. Today, mass testing will be conducted. Totally 55 people will be diagnosed.

Due to outbreaks of covid-19 at Moldovan enterprises, today most of the previously issued border crossing permits for Pridnestrovians working in neighboring states have been canceled. Commenting on the decision, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that Pridnestrovie can rely only on itself in the fight against the pandemic - therefore, awareness of citizens and internal discipline are very important.

The participants in the meeting discussed decisions aimed at mitigating quarantine measures. Now, if citizens need to travel to neighboring states, for example, to receive any public services or solve household issues (paperwork, payment of utility bills, passing inspection, etc.) - this opportunity will be provided for up to 12 hours, without the need adherence to a two-week quarantine upon return. Pre-departure must be agreed with the Operational Headquarters. Foreign citizens can enter the territory of Pridnestrovie under the same conditions.

Applicants living in other states are allowed to enter the republic by prior agreement with the Operational Headquarters for the period of entrance examinations to the Pridnestrovian educational institutions.

Another concession affected the activities of truckers - they can cross the border of the PMR without notice to the Operational Headquarters. You must have with you documents confirming the right to carry out international cargo transportation to do this.

Pridnestrovians who have tickets to travel to other states can also leave the republic without prior coordination with the Operational Headquarters. In addition, Vadim Krasnoselsky suggested revising the quarantine terms for Pridnestrovians traveling abroad for tourism purposes. Upon returning, vacationers will have to be on self-isolation for five days, after which they will have to do test to confirm that they are not infected.

Another topic of discussion is the possibility of opening preschool institutions. The issue must be approached scrupulously, carefully preparing kindergartens for work in the new conditions, the President considers. The chief sanitary doctor of the republic proposed starting the phased opening of the gardens from July 15, to begin with, one in each city. They also discussed measures related to the possibility of opening educational institutions of general education - in order for schools to start working in September, it is necessary to think over in advance the organization of the educational process in the current conditions.