Electoral processes on the agenda of the working meetings of the PMR President

Preparations for the upcoming Single Voting Day were discussed in the course of the working meetings under the President. All organizational issues are being worked out in detail. The main task is to ensure the safest possible participation of citizens in the electoral process, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized. There are 7 city (district) territorial election commissions, 77 rural territorial, 33 district and 256 precinct election commissions in the republic. Appropriate methodological recommendations have been prepared in advance for the employees involved in organizing and holding elections. The CEC will be timely provided with up-to-date information on citizens who are in self-isolation at their place of residence. Citizens who will be involved in activities related to the organization of the voting process on November 29, as well as in anti-coronavirus activities, will be given the opportunity to exercise their electoral right in advance - from November 24 to November 27 at the territorial election commission, and on November 28 at the district election commission. They must submit an appropriate certificate from the place of work (service) on employment on the Single voting day to be admitted to early voting.

The presidential elections in the Republic of Moldova held on the eve were discussed at the meeting. More than 31000 Pridnestrovians with Moldovan passports took part in it. Most residents of Pridnestrovie voted for the pro-Russian candidate Igor Dodon. At the same time, it was noted that the most active was the pro-European part of the Moldovan electorate. The PMR President emphasized that the PMR leadership will interact with any administrative official elected by the Moldovan people.