Dubossary district: working visit of the President

The President visited several socially significant facilities being repaired under the capital investment program. The progress of work in the "Little Red Riding Hood" kindergarten was checked. This is a specialized institution of preschool education. They work here with children who are lagging behind in development from their peers. The kindergarten was opened in 1975. Now it has nine speech therapy groups, which are attended by 128 kids with diagnoses of varying complexity. The building of the institution was in need of renovation. Window and door blocks were changed here, the roof was overhauled, replacing the slate with corrugated board in 2020 by means of the Capital Investment Fund funds. According to another program, the adjacent territory was paved with paving slabs. This year, by means of funds from the state budget the facade is being put in order, the heating and water supply networks will be replaced, and the bathrooms will be repaired, which have not been updated for almost half a century – since the initial commissioning of the facility. It is planned to lay a cover that is safe from the point of view of child injuries in and around the street gazebos. The work should be completed by the end of the summer.

The "Ivushka" kindergarten in Dubossary will resume admission to pupils from September 1. Repair and construction work is in full swing here, too. The building, which was built in 1978, is being tidied up. The institution located in the city center has the status of a child development center. It is visited by about two hundred inmates, the President was told during his inspection visit. An important feature of a preschool institution is the presence of both Russian and Moldovan groups. The infrastructural transformation of the kindergarten is being carried out in stages. The roof, windows, doors were replaced. The courtyard was covered with tiles. The next step is facade work and repair of 14 shade canopies. It is assumed that these will not be just roof structures, but cozy gazebos. A total of about five million rubles have been allocated for this object from the state budget. Additional expenses are also expected. The kitchen equipment needs to be replaced. This direction is funded not from the Capital Investment Fund, but through the profile program.

The facade of the building of the Dubossary Central Polyclinic is being refurbished with the help of the Capital Investment Fund. They also arrange the entrance to the institution. The old one is being dismantled. This facility was included in the Capital Investment Fund 2021 thanks to the insistence of the President. Having examined the location, the President noted the lack of an integrated approach. Savings have been declared, but not all work is included in the current estimate. The President instructed the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Economic Development to return to this facility. A working meeting will be held on this occasion.

Works in the local Park of Power Engineers should be completed by the Day of the City of Dubossary. It is being improved by means of the state budget. The project was not approved immediately. It was changed, including taking into account the presidential recommendations. Today Vadim Krasnoselsky discussed the project with contractors on site. They examined the areas where a mini-football field, a combined playground for volleyball and basketball, two running tracks, a workout area, and a table tennis sector will be located. They discussed the equipment of the stage and the area around it. The President recommended moving away from the rows of stationary benches for spectators, giving preference to mobility: to install seats as needed, which will ensure the multifunctionality of using the territory of the spectator area. The President also drew the attention of the head of the district to the need to update the landscaping of the park.