National Unity Day in the context of quarantine restrictions

Pridnestrovians together with Russians celebrate the National Unity Day. It was decided not to hold mass events similar to those that were organized in the republic on November 4 in the past years for objective reasons related to ensuring the safety of citizens during the coronavirus pandemic. This date did not go unnoticed. The country's leadership today paid tribute to the memory of the ancestors who united and protected the freedom of the peoples living on the lands along the Dniester. It was honored with a minute of silence. The President laid a wreath at the Eternal Flame, flowers at the graves of defenders, monuments located on the capital's Memorial of Glory. A scattering of carnations also fell at the foot of the monuments to Catherine the Great and Generalissimo Suvorov. Representatives of the PMR Government and the Supreme Council, a number of ministries and departments, the Tiraspol administration, clergy and the Union of Russian Communities of Pridnestrovie also took part in the event.

The PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky at the end of the flower-laying ceremony noted that in the current coronavirus circumstances, the concept of nationwide unity is filled with a special meaning. The PMR President is sure that not only the Pridnestrovian society, but the whole world must consolidate, unite in the name of achieving a common goal - ensuring the safety of citizens, preserving the life and health of every person.