COVID statistics

The number of detected cases of COVID-19 infection among Pridnestrovians has increased to 28091, according to the information announced in the course of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters under the President. 507 deaths have been recorded (2% of the number of cases). 19884 people (71%) recovered.

At the moment, 1032 patients are being treated in quarantine hospitals, 43 of whom are in serious condition, seven are connected to lung ventilations. Profile hospitals are loaded by 41%. 64 people with suspected infection are awaiting test results in hospital setting. Another 1044 Pridnestrovians are being treated at home. 27 people were transferred from home treatment to hospital treatment due to deteriorating health conditions from January 18 to January 21. Totally, 618 patients were transferred to hospitals during the practice of treatment at the place of residence.

During the three days that have passed since the previous meeting of the Operational Headquarters, 1510 samples of biomaterials were examined (in total, during the pandemic - 128942). The fact of infection with COVID-19 was confirmed in 309 cases. 19 people died during the same period of time, 466 defeated the disease.

The average daily incidence rate in the republic in the reporting period amounted to 103 cases, 149 last week. 3470 people are on controlled self-isolation.