COVID statistics

According to the information announced during the first meeting of the Operational Headquarters under the President for prevention of the spread of coronavirus this year, the number of registered cases of COVID-19 infection in the republic has increased to 25413. During the pandemic, 118597 samples were taken for laboratory research. 4149 of these – within five days since the previous meeting of the Operational Headquarters (the test results confirmed the presence of coronavirus in 1215 cases). During the same time, 23 people died, 1088 coped with the disease. 1927 COVID patients are currently being treated in infectious diseases hospitals of the republic, 56 of them are in serious condition, seven carriers of the virus are connected to lung ventilations. The workload of specialized hospitals is 68% (taking into account the conservation of the Solnechny sanatorium, Dnestrovsk). 95 Pridnestrovians suspected of being infected are awaiting test results in hospital setting. 2219 infected with asymptomatic or mild disease are being treated at home. 69 carriers of the virus were transferred from home to hospital treatment over the past five days, due to the deteriorating health condition. 453 patients were transferred from home to hospital treatment totally during the practice of treatment at home. 486 deaths were recorded among carriers of the coronavirus (less than 2% of the number of cases) during the pandemic. 14758 people (58%) coped with the disease. 4962 residents of the republic are in controlled self-isolation. The average daily disease incidence rate in the republic this week was 243 cases, 320 was a week earlier.