COVID statistics

According to information announced in the course of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters for prevention of the spread of coronavirus, 2220 patients infected with COVID-19 are being treated in hospitals in the republic. 51 of them are in serious condition in intensive care units, three are connected to artificial lung ventilation devices. The workload of specialized hospitals is 73%. 58 people are waiting in stationary conditions for the results of laboratory research of the biomaterial taken from them.

2467 people are being treated at home. 34 carriers of the virus were transferred from home to hospital treatment over the past two days, due to the deteriorating health condition. 384 patients were transferred from home to hospital treatment totally during the practice of treatment at home. 4856 residents of the republic are in controlled self-isolation.

In the two days that have passed since the previous meeting of the Operational Headquarters, 2001 biomaterials were sent for research (in total, 114448 biomaterials during the pandemic). The suspicion of infection was confirmed in 641 cases. 19 people died, 499 recovered during the same time. In total, 24198 cases of coronavirus disease were registered in Pridnestrovie. 463 patients in infectious diseases hospitals died (mortality 1.9%). 13670 recovered (56% of the cases) were discharged.

The average daily incidence rate in the republic this week was 320 cases, a week earlier - 390.