COVID statistics

According to the information announced at the meeting of the Operational Headquarters under the President for prevention of the spread of coronavirus, 505 Pridnestrovians are carriers of COVID-19 at the moment. 187 of them are being treated at home, 308 in infectious diseases hospitals. 31 carriers of the virus were transferred from home to hospital treatment due to the deteriorating state of health in the period from the 24th of May to the 26th of May. 92 people are hard to tolerate the coronavirus - almost a third of currently hospitalized citizens, 21 patients are in intensive care, three of them are connected to artificial lung ventilation devices. 10 citizens are in places of imprisonment. 42 people are waiting in hospital conditions to receive the results of the study of biomaterial samples. 261 Pridnestrovians are in self-isolation at home.

1203 samples within three days were examined (222282 during the entire period of the pandemic). The fact of the disease in the reporting period was confirmed in 86 cases. 49134 cases of COVID-19 infection were recorded in Pridnestrovie totally during the coronavirus pandemic. 1191 carriers of the virus died (2.4% of cases), 47438 people (96%) coped with the disease.

3768 Pridnestrovians were vaccinated with the first component of the vaccine "AstraZeneca", 257 - completed the vaccination course. 26882 residents of the republic have passed the first stage of vaccination with the Russian medicine. The Sputnik V vaccination campaign continues. Now employees of ministries and departments who are actively in contact with the population are vaccinated. The President was also informed about the expected arrival in Pridnestrovie of a batch of Pfizer two-component vaccine to vaccinate 5000 people. The President emphasized that the principle of priority, based on the age qualification, remains: the priority is given to people of the older generation.

Taking into account the systematic decline in the incidence of coronavirus (the average daily rate is 29 cases), the network of infectious diseases hospitals continues to decline. The hospital in Dubossary was closed. The hospital is returning to standard functionality. There are two COVID patients left there. The state of health does not allow them to be transported to another hospital. They are isolated and will continue their treatment at the Dubossary hospital. In total, there are four coronavirus hospitals in the republic. Taking into consideration that their capacity is less than 20 percent occupied, infectious diseases hospitals are gradually being phased out on the basis of the Republican Hospital Department departments. Vadim Krasnoselsky urged not to rush to zeroing the bed fund of the COVID profile in the Republican Clinical Hospital, so as not to overload the Slobodzeya hospital. The President emphasized that patients increase in no case should lead to overestimated load and as a result deterioration in the quality of medical services.