COVID statistics

The President held a meeting of the Operational Headquarters for prevention of the spread of coronavirus. According to the announced information, the number of detected carriers of coronavirus increased by 522 people (1905 biomaterial samples were examined) during the past three days since the previous meeting. 16 carriers of the virus died, 600 Pridnestrovians defeated the disease during the same time. 2137 COVID patients are currently being treated in infectious diseases hospitals of the republic. 33 of them are in serious condition in intensive care units, four are connected to lung ventilations. Level II coronavirus hospitals are 67% full (including the branch based on the Tirotex dispensary). The number of beds for asymptomatic patients in the Spartak camp was reduced, since in 10 wards, the temperature regime does not correspond to the norms due to seasonal cold snap. 108 people are accommodated there now, but they will also be transferred to other coronavirus centers on behalf of the President. 137 people are awaiting the results of PCR testing in hospitals. Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that this figure should be reduced to zero, since the new rapid tests involve obtaining test results for the presence of antigen in the body within 15 minutes. 

Totally, laboratory study of 78328 samples of biomaterials was carried out during the pandemic. COVID-19 was detected in 11157 Pridnestrovians. 227 carriers of the infection died (mortality in PMR is 2%), 7753 Pridnestrovians (70% of cases) defeated the disease.