COVID statistics

The latest information on the epidemiological situation in the republic were announced in the course of the regular meeting of the Operational Headquarters under the President for prevention of the spread of coronavirus. Laboratory study of 103974 samples of biomaterial was carried out in total during the pandemic. The number of registered cases of infection has increased to 20493 people. 385 carriers of the virus died (2% of the number of cases). 12135 people (59%) were able to defeat the disease. Statistics of the last four days that have passed since the previous meeting of the Operational Headquarters: as a result of the study, 5830 samples of biomaterial COVID-19 were detected in 1897 Pridnestrovians, 30 people died, 525 recovered.

2449 COVID patients are currently being treated in infectious diseases hospitals of the republic, 47 of them are in serious condition in intensive care units, one person is connected to lung ventilations. Specialized hospitals are 83% full. 153 people are awaiting the results of PCR testing in hospitals. 2130 people are being treated at home. 91 carriers of the virus were transferred from home treatment to hospital treatment in recent days, due to the deteriorating health condition. 244 patients totally were transferred from home treatment to hospital treatment during the practice of treatment at home, which began in early December. Most of the infected people undergoing home treatment are residents of Tiraspol. In this regard, the number of students of medical educational institutions involved in the Tiraspol crisis center has been increased to 6 people per shift (it is planned to increase to 10).

Temporary hospital sites are deployed on the basis of institutions in which outbreaks of infection have been detected. There are 84 COVID-positive persons under care in the neuropsychiatric boarding house in Tiraspol, 10 of them were transferred to the republican clinical hospital for treatment. Coronavirus infection was confirmed in 13 out of 40 persons under care in the capital's home for elderly people, as well as in 11 employees of the social institution.

3110 people are in controlled isolation at their place of residence (including 2609 people from the category of contacts with the sick). The average daily incidence rate in the republic this week amounted to 474 cases, a week earlier - 509, which indicates a slight decrease in the indicator.