COVID statistics

The latest information on the epidemiological situation in the republic were announced during the next meeting of the Operational Headquarters under the President for prevention of the spread of coronavirus. Totally 127432 samples of biomaterial were laboratory tested during the pandemic. The number of detected cases of infection increased to 27782 people. 551 carriers of the virus died (2% of the number of cases). 19418 people (70%) defeated the disease. 

During the four days that have passed since the previous meeting of the Operational Headquarters as a result of the study, 2353 samples of COVID-19 biomaterial were detected in 594 Pridnestrovians, 9 people died, 128 recovered. 

COVID hospitals of the republic are 49% full - currently 1217 patients are undergoing treatment there, 47 of whom are in serious condition in intensive care units, five people are connected to artificial lung ventilation. Another 79 residents of the republic are awaiting test results in hospitals. 1112 infected are being treated at home. 41 carriers of the virus were transferred to hospital treatment due to the deteriorating health condition in recent days. 591 patients in total were transferred to hospitals during the practice of treatment at the place of residence. 

3708 people are in controlled self-isolation. The average daily incidence rate in the republic is currently 149 cases. The positive dynamics continued since January 3 - since that time, there are more people who recovered daily than the carriers of the virus identified.