COVID statistics and decisions of the Operational Headquarters

1520 cases of COVID-19 disease, 54 deceased carriers of the infection (mortality 3.5%), 1284 recovered (84.5%) - this is the current Pridnestrovian coronavirus statistics. 72 sick Pridnestrovians were identified during the week, that is 1.6 times less than a week earlier. At the same time, the chief sanitary doctor of the PMR Natalia Beril noted during the meeting of the Operational Headquarters under the President that the epidemiological situation in the republic is assessed by experts as persistently unfavorable. Taking into account the easing of quarantine restrictions associated with crossing the Pridnestrovian border, preventive measures within the republic should be systemic and effective, and control over implementation should be strict, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized. The Head of the Operational Headquarters Ruslan Mova informed about the ongoing verification activities. During the three days that have passed since the previous meeting of the headquarters, more than 3.5 thousand inspections of trade and service facilities were carried out, 72 violations were revealed, and activities of some organizations were suspended. They check discipline and citizens who are in self-isolation (there are 2513 of them today).

Development of a mechanism for paid testing of citizens arriving from abroad is continuing. Those of them who are not ready for strict long-term self-isolation upon arrival in the republic will be able to reduce the period of being in quarantine to three days (maximum) required to carry out the testing procedure and obtain the results of laboratory testing of the biomaterial. These persons will be able to leave their homes only to visit the medical facility where the testing is carried out, and strictly in compliance with all the quarantine requirements for society in the pandemic. Certificates of the established form about the laboratory-confirmed absence of COVID-19 from a citizen will be issued in two languages ​​- Russian and English. Similar documents issued in other countries less than 72 hours before entering the territory of Pridnestrovie are considered valid.

The administration of organizations and enterprises should also be concerned about the health and safety of workers' collectives, it was noted in the course of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters. Legal entities are recommended to allocate funds for planned preventive or operational, associated with the identification of carriers of the virus among staff, express testing of employees. The state continues this work. A half of the tests, out of the 27000 tests purchased in the middle of the month, remained in the warehouses of the Ministry of Health. An order was placed for the purchase of another 20000 units. Significant expenditures are expected in August, when active testing of representatives of the education sector begins - first, kindergarten staff, and closer to September - school teachers and faculty of secondary specialized educational institutions and universities. The President called on heads of enterprises and organizations to be socially responsible and understand the situation.