COVID statistics

17068 cases of COVID-19 infection were recorded in Pridnestrovie according to the information announced in the course of today's meeting of the Operational Headquarters under the President. 2326 citizens with confirmed case of coronavirus are being treated in specialized hospitals. The workload of the level II hospital network is 79%. There are 42 patients in intensive care units, three of them are connected to lung ventilations. Another 1588 Pridnestrovians are being treated at home. 62 infected people from among those who received treatment at their place of residence were hospitalized due to deteriorating health. Totally, more than 94000 studies of biomaterial samples were carried out during the pandemic. There have been 336 deaths among citizens diagnosed with coronavirus (COVID mortality rate 2%). More than 10000 people recovered - this is 64% of the identified carriers of the coronavirus. 3099 people whose infection has not been laboratory-confirmed are in controlled isolation at their place of residence (including 1557 people from the category of contacts with sick people). The average daily incidence rate in the republic this week was 352 cases, a week earlier - 392.

The number of patients at the Suvorov School is minimal. A decision was made to mothball the institution and transfer the remaining patients to other hospitals. The necessary disinfection measures will be taken. Another outbreak of the disease was recorded among the wards of the Tiraspol psycho-neurological boarding school. The hospital was again deployed on the basis of the institution.