COVID-19: incidence and vaccination

It was noted at the meeting of the Operational Headquarters that the incidence of COVID-19 in Pridnestrovie increased during the reporting week. The average daily rate according to the latest data is 39 cases (a week earlier –27). The bed capacity of two operating hospitals - Slobodzeya and Rybnitsa - has been increased to 365 units totally. There is a possibility of an additional increase in the number of beds in Rybnitsa, the Minister of Health said. According to Christina Albul, another coronavirus treatment site will be deployed on the basis of the Bendery city hospital if the workload of existing hospitals exceeds 70%. At the moment, more than half of the deployed beds are occupied. There are children among Pridnestrovian patients with coronavirus. The issue of vaccination of minors was discussed at the meeting. It is noted that the instruction of only one vaccine "Moderna" the possibility of using it for vaccination of persons under 18 years of age is spelled out. Moreover, 40% of adolescents are vaccinated against coronavirus with the "Pfizer" in Israel for example. Research is underway in terms of vaccination of children aged from six months to 11 years. Vadim Krasnoselsky noted that vaccination of minors in Pridnestrovie will begin only after the publication of official conclusions on the results of the third stage of medicine trials. The same condition is put forward in terms of compulsory vaccination of adult citizens: until full trials are completed, an element of experimentation remains, which means that participation in the vaccination campaign should be exclusively voluntary, the PMR President emphasized.

As for the vaccination of students traveling to study outside the republic, the lists are formed by the Commissioner for Human Rights. Applications are accepted until August 1.

A mechanism has been launched for accepting applications for vaccination against coronavirus using a universal phone number "126"in order to relieve the burden on the staff of the registries of the polyclinic service institutions. So far, it operates only in the capital. 800 calls received. It is important to inform citizens that this is a target line and requests that are not related to an appointment for vaccination against coronavirus will not be accepted by this phone number.

It was noted in terms of progress in purchasing a vaccine for the prevention of COVID-19 that the only medicine available for purchase is Sinopharm. Negotiations are underway to purchase 100000 doses (for 50000 courses). The delivery of 10512 doses of Pfizer vaccine through the international COVAX line is expected as humanitarian aid.

Another issue raised by Vadim Krasnoselsky is the provision of the healthcare system with medicines. The President asked, in particular, about the availability of Remdesivir, one of the most effective medicines used in the treatment of citizens with coronavirus. The relevant minister reported on the available reserve, sufficient for 1010 seriously ill patients or 1851 - with the course of the disease of moderate severity. The President instructed to keep the issue of restocking under constant control. Negotiations are underway with suppliers of the Indian medicine Remdesivir.