COVID-19 in Pridnestrovie: statistics, prevention, effective restrictions and their gradual relaxation

In the course of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters under the PMR President they talked about effectiveness of an integrated approach to diagnosing COVID-19. Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that it is necessary to use all available resources to ensure maximum detection of coronavirus carriers. Vadim Krasnoselsky called for the full use of laboratory testing, rapid diagnosis and possibility of computed tomography. The President recalled that a significant number of rapid tests were purchased by representatives of the business community of the republic as humanitarian aid. There were 40000 units available. Another 10000 are en route. The delivery is expected soon. Currently about 23000 units are used. The President urged not to save these tools that are important from the point of view of diagnostics (avoiding squandering and lack of control) and aimed the Ministry of Health on the timeliness of further providing necessary means of diagnosis, protection and treatment. The need must be constantly monitored, request must be formed in advance, and manufacturers and suppliers must be sought in order to prevent dangerous shortage, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized. They agreed during the meeting on the feasibility of random testing of collectives of trade enterprises and service organizations that started work. In case of refusal to carry out the procedure, facility where entrepreneurs sabotage the centralized check for infection will be closed will be closed as potentially dangerous. The Head of the Operational Headquarters Ruslan Mova spoke about tightened control over the implementation of quarantine measures by trading enterprises and other institutions that resumed their activities. Notary offices and real estate agencies have opened today, and tomorrow passport departments and Interdistrict Registration-Examinational Offices will begin to receive visitors.

They talked about plans to further mitigate the restrictions. It was decided that hairdressers and other institutions providing beauty and hygiene services will return to service on Thursday. The flow of customers should be limited. If we are talking about isolated mini-units, then it is permissible to have one master and one client inside, regardless of the area of ​​the room. In the event that several workplaces are equipped in one hall, no less than 12 square meters should be allocated for each master-client pair. At the same time, the maximum number of citizens simultaneously located in the premises cannot exceed 20 people (10 employees and 10 visitors). The presence of masks from masters and customers is required. As for gloves, due to the specifics of work, hairdressers have the right to serve customers without them. Masters of nail service are required to unconditionally use this personal protective equipment. A prerequisite is the reception of visitors strictly by appointment. The schedule should provide for time intervals between visits, sufficient for disinfection of the premises and equipment, as well as replacement of personal protective equipment by the master. The administration of the institution is obliged to control the presence and use of individual protection equipment, as well as disinfectors.

Future plans were discussed. The next step in mitigating quarantine restrictions will be the opening of dental offices and receiving of patients by narrow specialists of the outpatient service. The mechanism will be discussed on Thursday. Today it was decided that doctors of retirement age (in order to ensure their safety) will not be allowed to work. Suggestions regarding functioning of public catering, as well as the resumption of food markets are worked out. Decision on their account will be made later - when they analyze how the situation develops after removing a number of restrictions.

At the moment, the situation is quite favorable. The effectiveness of treatment for coronavirus in Pridnestrovie is high - more than 55% of patients recovered (in the world this figure is 40%). Mortality of COVID-19 in the republic is approximately 4%, the world average - 6.8%. To date, 878 cases of coronavirus have been officially recorded among Pridnestrovians. 35 infected citizens died, 484 patients of COVID hospitals recovered. In laboratory conditions, 6584 biomaterial samples were tested for infection. All patients are treated in specialized infectious diseases hospitals deployed throughout the republic. The country's leadership considers treatment at home unacceptable and takes all measures for the timely detection, isolation and treatment of virus carriers. Currently, there are 359 PMR citizens in the coronavirus centers with confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19. 74 people are awaiting the results of laboratory investigation of biomaterial.

Territorial distribution of the virus was discussed at the meeting of the Operational Headquarters. 80% of cases are urban residents, 20% are rural. The capital is leading in the number of registered cases. In rural areas, the largest number of cases was detected in Sukleya, Parkany, Karagash, Chobruchi and Malaeshty. After analyzing these data, members of the Operational Headquarters agreed on the advisability of testing not settlements (if we are not talking about a clear outbreak of incidence), but certain categories of citizens. The Heads of state administrations are instructed to pay attention to large families. Social institutions, including non-state ones, are still under constant control. In addition, employees of social services providing pension delivery will be covered by express testing.