Members of the Security Council discussed issues related to preventing the spread of the coronavirus epidemic in Pridnestrovie

In the course of the meeting of the PMR Security Council, the President raised the issue of the situation with the coronavirus epidemic. The PMR Minister of Health Alexei Tsurcan announced the statistics: 79360 cases of the disease were recorded in the world, 2618 of them were fatal. The biggest losses are in China. A significant number of cases registered in Italy, Germany, the UK. There are no cases of coronavirus in Pridnestrovie, the head of the Ministry of Health stated. In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic on the territory of the republic, measures have been taken to prevent citizens arriving from countries where the disease occurred. The meeting participants discussed a set of anti-epidemic measures, including preventive ones. The President set tasks related to the preparation for the detection of cases of the disease or the spread of the epidemic. He instructed to develop a regulatory framework related to the creation of quarantine conditions and the obligation of citizens to fulfill the established requirements. Immediately, work should be done to prepare facilities for isolating the sick and their families. This is not about individual wards in medical institutions, but about a complex that, if necessary, will allow a large number of citizens to be admitted. An important aspect: the premises should be located outside the settlements, the President emphasized. Several options were sounded. The final decision will be made after studying the proposals. The relevant services are tasked with training staff and thinking through technical support. The Ministry of Health has to purchase a hundred sets of protective clothing. The ambulance service must allocate one car and a brigade for each city and district if coronavirus is suspected.