The four-hour meeting is over. The presidents summed up the results

Igor Dodon, President of the Republic of Moldova, “Today was the seventh regular meeting with the President of Pridnestrovie Vadim Nikolaevich. The first meeting was in early 2017. I want to note a positive moment: these years we had a constant fruitful dialogue, and we are doing our best to solve the problems faced by residents on the left and right banks of the Dniester.

We have discussed in detail rather extensive list of issues. An integrated systematic approach to possible ways of solving it was formed. I will outline the main ones. We discussed and resolved issues of temporary quarantine posts, telecommunications, the banking system, the opening of the Bendery-Varnitsa-Severny trolleybus line, as well as the issue of criminal cases.

What interests the citizens of Moldova first of all is, of course, temporary quarantine posts. I would like to note that in the last weeks of a fruitful dialogue between me and Vadim Nikolaevich Krasnoselsky, this issue was partially resolved. It will be further resolved so that residents of the Republic of Moldova and residents of Pridnestrovie could move freely.

An important issue that we discussed today and outlined possible solutions was the banking issue. The heads of central banks took part in the conversation.

I think there was a good dialogue today. We discussed in detail everything related to telecommunications. On this issue, a year and a half ago, amendments were made to the legislation of the Republic of Moldova. There are technical issues that need to be addressed, so the meeting was attended by specialists. There is a fundamental decision regarding the trolleybus line. I think that together with our foreign partners we will move in this direction rather quickly. As for criminal cases, too: in almost all the elements that we discussed at previous meetings, there is an understanding of how to move on.

This dialogue is very important. I am sure that our citizens want such a dialogue. I want to assure you, dear countrymen, dear friends, we will do everything possible so that the inhabitants of both the left and right banks face less problems - social and economic, which were before”.


Vadim Krasnoselsky, President of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, “I want to thank Igor Nikolaevich for the invitation. He noted that this is the seventh meeting. I want to say that it stands out from the others. In addition to the presidents, it was attended by political representatives and persons who are competent to solve the problems that exist today - according to the list of issues that were raised earlier. Among them there are telecommunications, banking issues (I will open the brackets of the banking question: this is currency conversion, this is the opening of accounts, this is the resumption of work of Mastercard and Visa cards in the territory of Pridnestrovie), criminal cases, trolleybus lines and, in principle, other issues that are constantly on the agenda of our negotiations. It was the participation of leaders in topical areas and political representatives that allowed us to deep into the situation, into the technical aspects of solving those issues on which the life of ordinary people living both on the right and on the left banks of the Dniester depends. People are waiting for decisions to be made and for these decisions to be implemented in the current legislation of our states, so that it is easier to live and easier to solve existing problems.

With regard to freedom of movement I am always for freedom of movement. Initially there were 31 temporary sanitary posts, today there are 11 of them (just yesterday it was decided to close five posts). They serve not to prevent citizens from moving around a particular territory, but to prevent the uncontrolled spread of coronavirus infection. There is a problem, we, the whole world, all face this problem. In principle, the problem has not yet been resolved. As the spread of coronavirus infection weakens, these posts will be eliminated".