Topical issues on the agenda of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters

Vadim Krasnoselsky during the working discussion expressed gratitude to the head of the Operational Headquarters under the President Ruslan Mova and everyone who took an active part in the work to provide healthcare system of Pridnestrovie with new mobile express laboratories, the use of which will significantly speed up and reduce the cost of the process of testing citizens, which means that it will shorten the period their stay in hospitals. The equipment is distributed among hospitals. One analyzer was transferred to the hospitals of Dnestrovsk, Slobodzeya, Grigoriopol, Dubossary, Rybnitsa and Kamenka, as well as to the capital's hospital of veterans, the republican clinical hospital, the mother and child center, outpatient care centers and ambulance stations in Tiraspol and Bendery. 7700 out of 10000 tests were distributed. The next batch is expected to be delivered. It will be twice the size of the first one. Specialists have been trained to work with new devices. The corresponding courses were held at the Republican Clinical Hospital.

Today, the PMR Ministry of Health is waiting for the arrival in Pridnestrovie of a batch of the antiviral drug "Remdesivir". The drug has established itself as highly effective in the fight against COVID-19. The drug is expensive. 4500 units were purchased. A strict procedure for its storage, purpose and reporting has been prescribed.

The provision of medical institutions with medicines is constantly monitored. Today Minister of Health Christina Albul spoke about the weekly expenditure of medicines and personal protective equipment. 57000 gloves (28500 pairs of gloves), 18000 masks and 15000 respirators are used per week. Stocks should be replenished in advance, recalled Vadim Krasnoselsky.

The President asked about progress in providing Bendery with a computer tomograph scanner. Its launch is a matter of the near future. Taking into account the new Bendery unit, there are five computer tomographs in the republic today. At least one more is needed to serve Dubossary patients. The Government has been instructed to work out this issue.

It is noted that the commissioning of a computed tomography scanner in the Bendery hospital will relieve the capital's specialists working on this type of medical equipment. While the flow of patients is too large, it leads to a long wait for the procedure. Complaints to the President on this score are numerous. Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that the correct organization of the process and consistency is of particular importance with the heavy load. It is unacceptable for hospital patients to stand in line for a tomography for hours, the President noted. Vadim Krasnoselsky spoke about other complaints from the residents of the republic against the republican clinical hospital. The reasons for the dissatisfaction of citizens are different. Vadim Krasnoselsky instructed the leadership of the Ministry of Health to check all the facts and react according to the findings of the control measures - up to the adoption of personnel decisions. At the same time, the President emphasized that in the existing circumstances it is difficult for the teams of all medical institutions, but mostly positive reviews and words of gratitude come about the work of the Slobodzeya Hospital for example.

The mechanism for distributing patients between COVID centers was discussed at the meeting of the Operational Headquarters. The President insists that each identified carrier of coronavirus, regardless of its condition, should initially be delivered to the hospital at the place of residence. There, qualified doctors are required to examine the patient, give an opinion and, on its basis, decide whether the patient will continue treatment in the main hospital under the supervision of specialists or, in case of asymptomatic or mild form of the disease, will be sent to branches that are less adapted to provide serious medical care. In addition, citizens whose health status has noticeably improved will be transferred from level II head hospitals to branches. The mechanism is being worked out. The regulations will be clearly spelled out.

They focused in the course of the meeting on the topic of protective masks. The President instructed to develop an information sheet on how household masks differ from medical ones with appropriate recommendations on the use and effectiveness of all types. Relevant information should be posted at all pharmacy points so that visitors can familiarize themselves with this information. They also spoke about the need to pay increased attention to informing the population through the media that a mask is an important means of individual protection, and not a fashionable accessory: its quality is of paramount importance.