Actual data and decisions adopted at the Operational Headquarters meeting

The Head of the Operational Headquarters Ruslan Mova reported on the situation in the republic in the context of the spread of coronavirus infection. According to him, over the past weekend, 46 Pridnestrovians were received by the coronavirus hospital. There are 68 people in the quarantine hospital in Slobodzeya (9 of them are children). The diagnosis of COVID-19 was confirmed in 18 cases.

The hotline received more than 1300 calls for Saturday and Sunday. Totally, during its operation - approximately 12400 calls.

Disinfection activities are ongoing. 7500 premises and public places are sanitized. About 36 tons of disinfectant solution was spent. In connection with the violation of the established restrictive measures, two trading sites were suspended for two days. 274 outlets were checked for overpricing (one fact was revealed). The controllers carried out more than 2 000 visits to citizens who are in home quarantine. 8 persons were brought to administrative responsibility for violations of the special legal regime.

177 citizens of Pridnestrovie entered the territory of Pridnestrovie over the weekend, (in total during the state of emergency - 1046). Among them there are three Pridnestrovians who arrived from Italy. They were examined and, without signs of illness, sent to their place of residence (Malaeshty, Chobruchi and Bendery), where they will be in strictly controlled home quarantine. Four foreigners were not allowed to enter the PMR territory (in total, 1333 foreign citizens were denied access to Pridnestrovie during the restrictive measures). 50 citizens are allowed to leave the republic on the grounds established by the state of emergency. The same number of people was refused to exit.

Quarantine measures for the forced isolation of the Severny microdistrict are ongoing. Public order violations are not registered there. Life support of the population is normal.

After receiving negative results of laboratory tests of the samples, the employees of the Moldavian GRES who were in isolation at the Solnechny dispensary were sent to home quarantine at their place of residence. The premises of the sanatorium are subject to thorough sanitation. After that, patients and employees of the pulmonological department of the State Clinical Hospital, which was closed due to the identification of COVID-19 among the treated citizens, were brought there.

According to updated data voiced by Alexei Tsurcan, 95 Pridnestrovians’ analysis were sent to the Chisinau center for laboratory research.

The President asked about progress in ensuring the health care system with the maximum number of mechanical ventilation devices. The latest inventory indicates the presence of 84 functioning devices. Seven are under repair, and it will be returned to service in the near future. Another 17 mechanical ventilation devices are diagnosed. Vadim Krasnoselsky, noting that it is important to have not only equipment, but also specialists with experience working with it, instructed to immediately create a list of doctors who have the ability to handle the ventilator.

The President was interested in the volume of production of protective equipment. “Tirotex” (manufacturer of fabric and most of the masks volume) actively joined in manufacture of overalls. Hundreds of overalls have already been delivered to medical facilities. Their production will not stop until the demand is fully covered, emphasized Vadim Krasnoselsky.

They spoke in the course of the meeting about the organization of citizens' living in quarantine isolators. In the hospital and facilities intended for temporary stay of citizens who are potential carriers of infection, the most comfortable conditions should be created in the circumstances. It is important to provide good nutrition. The menu on behalf of the President is urgently being revised. In addition, on the territory of the Dniester Dawns recreation complex, in the buildings of which doctors working with COVID-19 carriers will live, it is necessary to organize access to the Internet and television broadcasting, emphasized Vadim Krasnoselsky.

Another issue of today's meeting is the provision of the population of the republic with fruit and vegetable products. Heads of state administrations informed about remote trade points created in sufficient numbers in microdistricts. The President drew attention to the fact that they are needed not only in cities, but also in rural areas. It is important that not only vegetables, fruits, greens, but also seeds with seedlings will be sold at these points. Decisions on the number and location of remote trade objects are made by the local administration. On behalf of the President, local Operational Headquarters for Coronavirus Prevention are being set up in the field under the leadership of heads of state administrations. General leadership is still assigned to the Minister of the Interior and directly to the PMR President.

Closing the meeting, Vadim Krasnoselsky called on everyone to responsibility and self-discipline.