The Ceremony of laying flowers was held at the capital's Memorial of Glory on the occasion of the 79th anniversary of the beginning of World War II

Ever-increasing period divided contemporaries from the tragic events of the Great Patriotic War; there are less and less their participants and witnesses. The connection between generations does not weaken, the memory does not fade, the feat of those who survived under the pressure of the forces of fascism and did not allow their dominance remains unforgettable. Every year, the number of participants in all kinds of patriotic events is growing, the purpose of which is to preserve history in its true reading, to prevent rewriting of facts, false re-evaluation, and nullification of the merits of real heroes. This is jubilee year. In May, the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory was celebrated. The pandemic-related circumstances did not allow the celebration on a grand scale that this date deserves. It was necessary for objective reasons to postpone the holding of the parade and the march of the Immortal Regiment, which had become traditional. The event as such took place - the departed veterans looked from the portraits at their grateful descendants at home. Spring flowers were laid to all the monuments and graves of the heroes. The flowers in Pridnestrovie were laid by the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky on behalf of each resident of the republic on May 9, 2020. Today, the President with his wife again arrived at the Tiraspol Memorial of Glory to honor the memory of the defenders and recall all those whose lives were cut short by the Great Patriotic War, which began at 4 a.m. on June 22, 1941. It has become a tradition to meet in the predawn hour of this summer day at the main historical and memorial complex of the Pridnestrovian capital. Usually a mass event, this time for objective reasons related to preventing the spread of coronavirus, was held by a narrow circle of heads of state authorities and administration. The Presidential Wreath was lowered to the Eternal Flame. Fresh flowers were laid to the monuments and graves of the defenders, who at different times gave their lives for the freedom and independence of civilians.

The PMR President called June 22, 1941 a tragic date, emphasizing at the same time that this was also the day the feat of the Soviet people, their heroic path of 1418 days to the Great Victory, began.

The President of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic Vadim Krasnoselsky, at the end of the flower-laying ceremony, noted that every carnation left by him on behalf of all the Pridnestrovians at the Eternal Flame, at the foot of the monuments and stone slabs on which the names of the heroes are carved, symbolized the gratitude of the descendants.