Improvement of cities and district under control of the President

The President held an extended meeting with the participation of heads of state administrations of cities and regions of the republic. Representatives of the legislative and executive branches of government are invited to the discussion. The central issue is the development of infrastructure. Leaders informed about progress in this direction and long-term improvement plans.


Deputy head of the administration of the capital Nikolai Obruchkov, speaking about Tiraspol's most global socio-infrastructural project - the Central Catherine Park, informed that work is currently underway to create a fountain complex and improve the surrounding area. The appearance of the square de Volan is changing. Sidewalk-tiled multicolor has already covered an area of ​​5.5 thousand square meters. 900-meter watering system was laid, the water into which is supplied from the Dniester. The front arch is being built. A sports field has been constructed, and a game room will soon receive young visitors. Work has already been done to clean the diocesan lake from reeds and silt deposits (more than two thousand cubic meters of sludge have been raised from the bottom, which made it possible to deepen the reservoir by one and a half meters and significantly clear the water). The lake located closer to the capital’s gymnasium is also put in order. The plans include the creation of man-made streams, the installation of bridges and other related infrastructure elements. Eight flower beds have already been broken behind the monument to Suvorov. A well-designed irrigation system, including three hundred automatic water sprinklers. Speaking about plans for the future, Nicolai Obruchkov announced the presence of at least a dozen more projects, including an exhibition pavilion, an arch, a fountain, a game, sports and theater grounds, which will be located closer to the central market.

Among the transforming objects are Yubileiny, Svetly and Solnechny squares (Balka), as well as Yuzhny not far from the hospital. In the future, a public garden will also appear among residents of the Zapadny microdistrict, a representative of the Tiraspol administration shared his plans. Gagarin Boulevard looks today in a new way, on which not only the pavement was updated, but also arches equipped with retro-style lighting devices were installed. The President drew attention to the need for quality landscaping of all these sites.

By the beginning of the school year, it is planned to bring into proper condition a large bowl of the city basin. A little later they will replace the tile in the small one. As for the education sector, 2.6 million rubles were allocated for the overhaul of 22 objects of this category this year. This list includes three kindergartens (No. 1, No. 16 and No. 20), the school of the Olympic reserve, as well as the Kremenchug school No. 2, construction of which began in 2018 and should be completed by the end of this summer.

Deputy head of the capital also spoke about Tiraspol roads. This year, 12 roads are being repaired at the expense of budget funds, another 8 are being put in order by the investor - the Sheriff company. Initially planned annual volume of road works and their costs increased due to the decision to improve the entrance from Bendery. Some sections of the road are expanding. In addition, water plumbing and heating systems are being operated at thirty sites. Vadim Krasnoselsky reminded that upon their completion the road surface and disturbed infrastructure should be restored without fail. As for the repair of roads, the commissioning of updated sections will now be possible only if the adjacent territories are brought into proper shape.


The Head of the Bendery administration Roman Ivanchenko listed more than a dozen representatives of city improvement. Recently a new trolleybus line was opened (route 1A - 40 years of Victory-Matsnev-Leningradskaya). The next step is the design of stopping points. This work is scheduled for August-September. By the end of autumn, it is planned to commission the Dolphin pool. Work continues on the improvement of the already functioning city beach, receiving 400-500 vacationers daily. The area covers 5,000 hectares. The second stage should be completed by mid-October. Project developers should actively use not only the beach season, but also the autumn-spring period. It is necessary to pay attention to rich experience and pay attention to rest on the river bank.

Roman Ivanchenko informed about the situation with the reconstruction and repair of city parks - “Victory” in the Leninsky microdistrict and named after Gorky, the auditorium of the Palace of Culture named after Tkachenko, square and fountain on the street 40 years of the Komsomol. In addition, the Head told about planning the construction of residential buildings at Protyagailovskaya 2 (39 apartments). House of children’s and youth creativity (pilot project was launched last November). Vadim Krasnoselsky instructed the Government to evaluate the functional and calculated economic efficiency of the activities of such organizations in order to decide on the appropriateness or unjustification of such practices in other cities and in the republic.

Plans of Bendery are shared by Roman Ivanchenko, modernization of food markets, as well as reconstruction of the overpass and construction of entrance gates to the city. These projects date back to 2020.


Special attention was given to infrastructure reincarnation. The city is preparing to celebrate its 250th anniversary. Vasily Tishenko said that district projects are of medium-term (3-4 years). Work has already begun in the central part of the city. There is a fountain and an eight-object illuminated arcade. Frunze Street will soon become foot traffic. It will be paved with paving slabs, as will the site in front of the local culture house. The roof and windows have already been changed, the facade has been updated in the recreation center. District museum was renovated. It is planned to equip the newlywed park near the Slobodzeya registry office. Careful attitude requires a cascade staircase, abandoned grottoes and waterfalls, as well as a stadium. The new building of the school of art will open its doors in autumn. Commemorative stele has been repaired at the Memorial of Glory.

Vasily Tishenko said that, despite the 250-year history, the city first celebrated its foundation on September 21. This date was recently discovered in the archives.


The head of the Grigoriopol administration Oleg Gabuzha told the participants about the possibilities of improving the Central Park of Culture and Restat the expense of the local budget. 460 thousand rubles have been allocated for a children's playground, power simulators are installed, walkways and a playground in front of the summer theater are paved. The Head of the district administration drew attention to the fact that the park has a multi-stage staircase. It cannot overcome the problems of people with disabilities. It is planned to pave the way to roads that not only solve the existing problem, but also visually decorate the entrance to the central park of the city. This year, an active rollerdrome will be equipped for active residents of Grigoriopol.

Sidewalks, borders, flowerbeds, benches - all this is also in the focus of attention of the city authorities. Outpatient clinics have social and infrastructural significance. At the final stage is the construction of a new retail and bus stop complex in Lenin Street. Parking is available near local high-rise buildings. The question of restoring the Vostok cinema remains open: the city is in search of a contractor. Vadim Krasnoselsky asked about the fate of the recreation center in the village of Malaeshty, working without heating for more than three decades. Oleg Gabuzha provided that the reconstruction project is ready. This year, they will launch a boiler room, restored heating systems and repair the roof. The commissioning of the facility is scheduled for 2020. Representatives of all cities and regions were addressed to the President with great attention to cultural houses, especially rural ones. The repair will be carried out in 2021.


The Head of the Dubossary district Ruslan Chaban began his speech from houses of culture of villages Tsybulevka, Garmatskoye, Koykovo and Doybany. He said that the population is increasing. He recalled that in 2019 repair and construction works at four Dubossary facilities were financed from the capital investment fund. Under a special program, funds have been allocated for the improvement of seven territories adjacent to educated institutions. A sports ground is installed in the Russian-Moldavian school number 7.

The Head describes in detail the work carried out in the area of ​​new parks and recreational and leisure zones. According to him, the road, recreation camp, rehabilitation center and a rowing base are put in order. On the banks of the Dniester there is a park. Only in the spring of this year, more than 1700 young trees took roots in the Dubossary district by common efforts. The plans include a breakdown of parks adjacent to the camp, in the city bus station, in the Yuzhny microdistrict, as well as in the village of Dzerzhinskoye. The Park of Power Engineers has already been transformed. Throughout the district, playgrounds and sports grounds are being mounted. Benches, ballot boxes, container platforms are established in city alleys and in the adjoining territories. The sidewalks are being repaired. Parking is being created. Particular attention is paid to developing an accessible environment for people with special needs.

The park is near the Kurgan of Glory. The legendary T-34 has an artistic highlight. This is of particular importance to the inhabitants of the city. It was risen from the bottom of the river two decades after the end of World War II. At the foot of the monument two Heroes of the Soviet Union - members of the crew of the military machine are buried. In addition to them on Dubossary Kurgan, Glories rest two more Heroes of the Soviet Union, Ruslan Chaban told. The so-called "Boy with a dove". The sculpture was in the early 90's. Numerous shots of Moldavian nationalists were destroyed, as was the Rostov boy Viktor, who was shot in the Great Patriotic War for refusing to destroy the pigeons he had raised. On the eve of the anniversaries of Victory and the creation of Pridnestrovie, residents of Dubossary dream of restoring a monument that reflects not only the interweaving of wars and peace, but also historical parallels - in all their tragedy.

The Head also spoke about the development of tourism. The area with its lavender fields, lake, Yagorlyk nature reserve and KVINT vineyards is already showing interest. Opening of the tasting room and the “Bouquet of Moldova” museum is scheduled for early September.


According to the Head of the Rybnitsa region Viktor Tyagay, immediate plans for improvement are planned until 2022. An important infrastructure event for the local population is the reconstruction of the fountain in the city park. The facility did not know the repair for four decades. All work must be completed before the end of this year. Quality variables (again for the first time in 40 years) await the central area, coverage and design in small architectural forms, which will be updated. 3.5 million rubles have been allocated for these purposes. 11 metal structures of vertical gardening are installed. The plans for the improvement of the Dniester embankment include the park in Valchenko microdistrict. It is planned to place a fountain, a cafe, a rollerdrome, a children's play and volleyball court here. Another area is the improvement of part of the embankment in the forest belt. In settlements continued to establish playgrounds.

The President was interested in the progress in the reconstruction of the Rybnitsa pool and sports complex. The Head of the district will provide detailed information on these facilities.


If we talk about the improvement of recreation areas and venues for cultural events, then it is the central park is Wittgenstein in the district of Kamenka. It is a historical monument and a significant architectural and landscape object. Created in 1819, the park preserves the atmosphere of princely times, which is a national task to revive. The district leadership was instructed to develop a project for the revival of the lake group, arbors and rotundas in a harmonious combination with modern innovations necessary for cultural and active leisure of visitors. The head of the district told the meeting that the project work was ongoing. It should be completed by the end of September. In the process of studying the existing situation and analyzing various proposals, specialists encountered geodetic difficulties, said Vladimir Bychkov. The President urged not to delay the work, noting that he was waiting for approval of a verified project.

Vladimir Bychkov also said that 700 thousand rubles were allocated from the local budget to put in order the Heroes of the Soviet Union Square (four were buried in the district).

The Head of the district spoke about city beaches. After the flood, it needs special attention.

The President asked whether repair work is being carried out in the recreation center of the village of Katerinovka. According to Vladimir Bychkov, they started on July 25th. Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that it was not without reason that he was interested in the fate of rural recreation centers, and in particular, Katerinovsky: creative groups visit these institutions in the heat and cold, despite the absence of elementary conditions. This indicates the relevance of the houses of culture and the obligation of the state to bring them in line with the name and status - to make it truly cultural, creative, educational, educational centers that unite villagers and consolidate them in their homeland.